Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST)

FREE with cover paid

Target Audience: non-specialist and returning teachers of Physics

Format: 6 days of face-to-face training over the course of 6 months followed by a 2-day Easter residential and supported by an online portal for sharing resources.

Aim: to improve the subject knowledge (including pedagogy) and increase the number of hours taught

How to get involved: Although the course has started, recruitment is ongoing and teachers are welcome to join at this stage. Please email for further info.  Course details and application form below.

Capacity: 15

In the South West Exeter Maths School is proud to run the Government’s proven professional development programme for non-specialist teachers.  Free of charge to all state school teachers, here’s your chance to enhance your subject knowledge, explore teaching strategies and develop confidence in challenging misconceptions and building understanding in students. Applications for the 2018/19 programme are now open.

Course Summary

This is a comprehensive Institute of Physics-enabled course consisting of 6 one-day workshops in the autumn and spring terms, a 2-day residential during the Easter holidays and an evaluation and progress conference to complete the course. Teachers will enhance their subject knowledge, explore teaching strategies and develop confidence in challenging misconceptions and building understanding in their students. Guided lesson planning and mentor support, along with online learning resources, will provide participants with the tools needed to sustain progress once the course is completed.

A range of topics will be covered including Electricity, Sound and Light, Space, Radioactivity, Forces, Heat Transfer, Electromagnetism and Applications of Physics. Starting with fundamental concepts and best practise in teaching at Key Stage 3; progressing to coverage of topics at Key Stage 4 and 5 with further practical emphasis.

Successful applicants will be sent a questionnaire before the course commences, asking them to provide input with regards to key areas that they would like covered; this will ensure that a relevant, tailored programme is delivered. There will also be time to reflect, evaluate and feedback between sessions to ensure that every individual’s needs are met.

Optional Masters Credits

Participants will have the option to accrue up to 60 Masters credits through Exeter University on completion of up to two Masters level modules that can be cashed in or combined with further modules to achieve a masters-level qualification in physics teaching.


This course is free of charge to participants from the state sector that have the support of their school and are committed to attending the full course.

Additional Support

We recognise that 6 days out of school equates to a lot of cover. Whilst we are unable to meet this cost in full, our funding enables us to make a contribution to it: depending upon the number of participants this will be in the region of £300 per teacher for the full course.


Exeter Mathematics School, Rougemont House, Castle Street, Exeter, EX4 3PU


Date Programme Timings
Thursday 11th October Day 1 1000 – 1530
Thursday 8th November Day 2 1000 – 1530
Thursday 29th November Day 3 1000 – 1530
Wednesday 9th January Day 4 1000 – 1530
Wednesday 6th February Day 5 1000 –  1530
Wednesday 13th March Day 6 1000 – 1530
Monday 8th – Tuesday 9th April Easter residential Timings TBC
Wednesday 10th July PhysMaths conference Timings TBC

Application Form



Target Audience: specialist Physics teachers who are in their first or second year of teaching

Format: 2 days of free face-to-face training either side of the Christmas holidays

Aim: to give confidence to NQTs/RQTs in teaching challenging topics and managing practical activities

How to get involved: booking details will be listed here at the start of the 2019/20 academic year

Capacity: 16

Stimulating Physics Network Meetings – with the Institute of Physics

Target Audience: secondary teachers of Physics and technicians

Format: five stand-alone workshops spaced over the academic year. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Aim: to provide CPD updates in practical and theoretical physics for KS3, 4 and 5

How to get involved: Click on the relevant link for further info and to book a spot.

Capacity: 15

IOP School Support

Target Audience: Physics departments seeking to develop their practice

Format: half-termly visits to your school by an IOP coach to provide guidance, support and training. The focus depends on each school’s need but may include developing schemes of work, encouraging more girls into physics, managing practical resources, developing problem solving…

Aim: to support teachers to improve Physics education in the South West

How to get involved: email to register your interest

Capacity: 10 schools

PhysMaths Conference – FREE

Target Audience: non-specialist and returning teachers of Physics

Format: FREE one day conference held at EMS, delegates select workshops, free lunch!

Date: Wednesday 10th July 2019

Aim: to provide on-going support and inspiration for non-specialist teachers

How to get involved: book online in June

Capacity: 34

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