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EMS has a committee structure for governance and uses link governors to scrutinise key aspects of the School’s functions that are considered by each committee.  The following committees meet four times a year and feed into the full governing body meetings, also four times a year:

  • Curriculum and Student Experience Committee (CSEC)
  • Resources Committee (RC)

A strategy committee meets once a year and feeds back to the full governing body.  An appeals committee will convene when required.  In addition, a governance committee consisting of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Headteacher meets three times per year.  Two student representatives work closely with the school governors, attending CSEC meetings and ensuring we are accountable to the students we serve.

Further information regarding governance can be found on our page: Policies and Practice.

Our Chair of governors is Anne Oxborough. She can be contacted by writing to her at the main school address.

The Members of the Academy Trust shall comprise:

  • the signatories to the Memorandum
  • up to five persons who may be appointed by the University of Exeter
  • up to five persons who may be appointed by Exeter College
  • the Chairman of the Governors: and
  • any person appointed under Article 16

(Article 16.  The Members may agree by passing a special resolution in writing to appoint such additional Members as they think fit and may agree by passing a special resolution in writing to remove and such additional Members, provided that such appointment or removal is in the interests of the Academy Trust.)

The current members of the Academy Trust are:

  • The University of Exeter – Northcote House, The Queen’s Drive, Exeter EX4 4QJ (01392 661000)
  • Exeter College – Hele Road, Exeter, EX4 4JS (01392 400500)
  • John Laramy (Principal, Exeter College) – contactable at the College address
  • Professor Janice Kay CBE (Provost, University of Exeter) – contactable at the University address
  • Anne Oxborough – contactable at the main school address

The Academy Trust shall have the following Governors:

  • up to 10 Governors, five of which to be appointed by the University of Exeter and five of which to be appointed by Exeter College
  • a minimum of two parent governors
  • the Principal

The Academy Trust may also have any Co-opted Governor appointed.


Chair: Philip Jenkinson

Members: Anne Oxborough, One other Governor (by invitation)

There were no meetings of the Appeals Committee in 2019/20

Curriculum and Student Experience (CSEC)

Chair: Pete Vukusic

Members: Pete Vukusic, Trevor Bailey, Kerry Burnham (HT), Liam Cantle, Anne Oxborough, Tim Paulden, Jennie Hamilton, Jenny Long, Stephen Mariadas, Taro Fujita

Resources (RC)

Chair: Cathy Durston

Members: Cathy Durston, Kerry Burnham (HT), Nathan Harvey, Philip Jenkinson, Jenny Leach, Dave Tarbet, Sally Basker


Chair: Philip Jenkinson

Members: Philip Jenkinson, Kerry Burnham (HT), Jenny Leach, Anne Oxborough, Cathy Durston, Pete Vukusic


Chair: Anne Oxborough

Members: Anne Oxborough, Philip Jenkinson, Kerry Burnham (HT)


Please view our Governors profiles here

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