Our story

Exeter Mathematics School is an Ofsted outstanding, state funded, 6th form school, jointly sponsored by the University of Exeter and Exeter College. Opened in September 2014, the school is open to students from across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We also work extensively with students and teachers in other schools, inspiring enthusiasts for maths, physics and computing across the region (more information on our South West activities pages).

Our ethos – Freedom for thinkers

What could be more creative than exploring the secrets of the universe?

At Exeter Mathematics School we love getting our teeth into the mind-bending challenges and revelations of maths, physics and computing.  So we have set about designing the perfect environment for this special kind of creativity to thrive.

That means minimising the things that often stifle enthusiasm for our favourite subjects – classmates who don’t care; lessons that are just about passing exams. And it means bringing together a really eclectic, intrepid group of students who share our enthusiasm and have the grit to get stuck in.

Our special formula has three key ingredients…

No-one needs forcing to do anything – you wear what you like, work with teachers as equals and build the confidence to pursue the ideas that really interest you without the normal scaffolding you would expect in sixth form study.

We push you further – with awesome teaching, opportunities to work with top Exeter University academics and loads of big, baffling, open-ended (and sometimes unsolvable) questions.

And you’re part of one big family – we’re close-knit and we all know each other, so even when you’re boldly exploring new horizons, you’re looked after every step of the way.

Last year our pioneering formula got a resounding thumbs-up from Ofsted.  But the verdict that matters to us – because we hear it direct from students and parents – is that, by freeing up our students to explore the subjects they love inside out, we get to change their lives.

Alternatively, you can download the PDF here: Download/View Prospectus

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