We offer two types of accommodation for students that have a daily commute of more than 1 hour each way:  Homestay and EMS Flats (further details below).

In either case, students are able to live in Exeter from Monday to Friday during term time, going home each Friday afternoon to spend the weekends with their families.

There is a charge for accommodation.  Families on low incomes may be able to receive financial assistance to help meet this cost.

If you would like to access accommodation please indicate this on your application to the school.  Following the entrance test, if you are still being considered for a place at EMS, we will contact you with more details and will ask you to indicate which of the two options your would prefer.

A deposit will be required to secure a place.

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Students taking the homestay option will stay with a family in Exeter.  All families are carefully vetted by EMS staff to ensure that our students are in a safe and supportive environment.  Host families form an important part of the EMS community.  They are invited to EMS events and are provided with guidance and support to enable them to care for the students in their charge.

Students will be provided with breakfast and an evening meal and will have the facilities to make themselves a packed lunch should they desire.

Our students and their parents will be introduced to host families prior to taking their place in September.


EMS Flats

Students taking this option will reside, Monday to Friday, in supervised student accommodation.  Members of pastoral staff live in with the students and ensure their needs are met.

Breakfast and evening meals are provided each day and students have access to facilities to prepare their own lunch should they wish to do so.

Students in the EMS house are encouraged to develop independent living skills.  They will assist in preparing the evening meal and will have a rota for other household chores.  By the time they leave the EMS accommodation they should be fully equipped to fend for themselves at University.


Cost of Accommodation and Financial Support

We have a means-tested bursary scheme to enable students from all backgrounds to attend the school.  The figures given below are the maxium amount paid by families in the year 2016/17.

Homestay: up to £4165

Molly Hayes: up to £8810

Bursaries are allocated according to financial need.  In the year 2016/17 they were allocated according to our bursary policy as follows:

Students coming from households with incomes of less than £16 190 that are entitled to Free Meals are considered exceptional cases and will receive a full bursary, meaning they will pay only a nominal contribution towards accommodation.

Those from families with household incomes below £25 000 will receive the maximum level of bursary funding, resulting payments of less than £300 for accommodation (£1000 when food is included).

Those with household incomes above £25 000 will be means tested for bursaries.

A copy of our full policy can be found here.