KINGS-EXETER Annual Mathematics Competition

As of the 2016/17 academic year, our Kings-Exeter Competition will be held in the Summer term – details of next years’ competition will be sent out in the Spring term 2017. Please contact: if you have any questions. 


Year 6 Mathematics Poster Competition



Maths Challenge 2016/17

Throughout the year EMS will release a new challenge on the EMS website. The challenges are substantial problems and will require careful thought and plenty of time to solve.

Once you have a solution, email us your work with the subject heading: ‘Maths Challenge’.

Each month the winner’s solution will be published on the EMS website. You will not only be rewarded for correct solutions, but also accuracy of method and speed of response.

The deadline for solutions to challenges is the 30th of each month.

Email your solutions to

Good luck!

Jan 2017



Maths Challenge 2015/16


Maths Challenge 2014/15


Monthly Maths Challenge 2013/14