Whilst EMS is primarily established to nurture Mathematical talent, it also has a responsibility to provide students with the opportunity to develop their appreciation of the wider world and to encourage the development of skills beyond the mathematical.

Hand in glove with the students’ own creative outlet of the Exeter Mathematics Certificate projects is the need to enable them to make the connections between their different spheres of knowledge that give rise to true innovation. One of our mechanisms for fostering our budding polymaths and reinforcing our unique learning atmosphere is the simply named `Inspire’ lecture series.

A place to broaden and round the education received by EMS students, `Inspire’ consists of a two – year programme of fortnightly talks across the spectrum of Philosophy, History, Politics and Art. Predominantly research fellows, professors and lecturers, our previous speakers have expounded on topics as varied as “Proof of 1+1”, “Time travel for the uninitiated”, “Levels of Truth” and “The Seaton Down coin hoard”.

These lectures are designed to expose and illustrate the deep links between all things and Mathematics, whilst also breaking down the traditionally rigid boundaries between, for example, Biology and Physics.

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