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    Parents are such an important part of our lively, tight-knit community.  We rely on their support in helping students get the most out of our fun but demanding routine and prepare for a more independent life at University. Look out for our regular Parents’ Forums, for the regular Progress Meetings and for our termly Parents’ Newsletter.

    Parents’ Forum

    All parents are welcome to come along and join this informal group where we share our experience as parents of Year 12 and Year 13 students.

    The function of this group is to build a social connection with other parents which can help your understanding of what the students might be experiencing as they go through their two years at the Maths School.  There is no teacher interaction or curriculum information during these meetings – it is purely a social group for parents to get to know one another. Hearing from other parents about their experiences can be reassuring and helpful, and builds an awareness of the day-to-day environment at the Maths School.  Given the current situation, the group is unable to meet at the school, but a Covid-appropriate programme has been put in place – see details below.

    For further info, please contact ems.parentsforum@gmail.com

    Welcome Event: 

    Friday 4th September, BYO picnic at Cathedral Green, Exeter, 12.30pm – 2.00pm

    Online Zoom Events:

    Weds 21st October, 8pm Weds 16th December, 8pm Weds 10th February, 8pm
    Weds 31st March, 8pm Weds 26th May, 8pm Weds 30th June, 8pm

    Dates For Your Diary

    Please note that all dates are inclusive.

    2020/21 Academic Year

    Inset Days: Friday 23rd October 2020 & Monday 11th January 2021



    Term First day of (half-) term Last day of (half-) term
    Autumn Term 2020 Tuesday 1 September

    (NB: Tuesday 1st September is Year 12 only)

    Friday 23 October
    Half term break Monday 26 October Friday 30 October
    Monday 2 November Friday 18 December
    Spring Term 2021 Monday 4 January Friday 12 February
    Half term break Monday 15 February Friday 19 February
    Monday 22 February Thursday 1 April
    Summer Term 2021 Monday 19 April Friday 28 May

    (NB: Monday 3 May is a Bank Holiday)

    Half term break Monday 31 May Friday 4 June
    Monday 7 June Friday 2 July
    Autumn Term 2021 Tuesday 7 September

    (NB: Tuesday 7 September is year 12 only. Year 13 start Wednesday 8 September)

    Friday 22 October
    Half term break Monday 25 October Friday 29 October
    Monday 1 November Friday 17 December
    Spring Term 2022 Tuesday 4 January Friday 18 February
    Half term break Monday 21 February Friday 25 February
    Monday 28 February Friday 8 April
    Summer Term 2022 Monday 25 April Friday 27 May
    Half term break Monday 30 May Friday 3 June
    Monday 6 June Friday 8 July
    Date Time Event Details
    Thursday 17th December Please note that it is unlikely our Christmas Lectures will be able to take the same format as in previous years. We are working on the delivery and will be in touch nearer the time with an update. Year 12 – EMC Christmas Lectures This is a real highlight of the year: a chance to celebrate the progress made by our new students in their first term. Year 12 students will present their research to an audience of students, staff, governors, parents, members of our Maths and Physics student communities, academics and other friends of EMS.
    W/b 1st March Please note that it is unlikely our EMC Conference will be able to take the same format as in previous years. We are working on the delivery and will be in touch nearer the time with an update. Year 13 – EMC Conference
    Thursday 18 March 17.00 to 20.00


    Year 12 Parents’ evening

    Please note that the format of this event will be confirmed nearer the time. We hope to offer parents the choice of meetings remotely or face to face but will confirm this by email closer to the actual date.

    Students and their parents will meet with each of their teachers to review their progress. Students will be given the opportunity to make bookings with their teachers a week in advance of the meetings.
    Tuesday 23 March 17.00 to 20.00 Year 12 Parents’ evening This is planned to be an online event for those unable to attend on 18 March.

    Year 12 Internal assessments will take place during normal lesson times in the weeks commencing:

    12 October, 8 February and 14 June.

    Year 13 Internal Assessments will take place during the week commencing 29 March, and the week commencing 19 April. This is the week before and the week after the Easter break.


    Exams Timetable Summer 2021


    Students can expect to receive one piece of homework per week per A-level, with each piece taking 2 hours to complete.  They will also complete work towards EMC projects, this should take an average of 2 hours per week.

    The homework set at EMS is structured to enable students to spend their 2 hours in the most constructive manner for them.  A typical homework task has 3 sections:

    Section A is optional – this covers basic skills and knowledge.  Students should decide for themselves if completing this section is a productive use of their time.

    Section B is compulsory – this covers typical examination questions.  It is marked, usually by teachers, and feedback is used to inform students and set targets.

    Section C is optional – this includes wider reading, challenging problems and broader content than usually covered in A-levels.  Students are encouraged to complete this section if they have comfortably completed section B in less than 2 hours.

    Students have timetabled lessons for the collection of homework during which feedback will be given.  In addition to the homework set at EMS, students should expect to receive regular tasks from their College lecturers.

    Year 12 Homework Timetable

    Each week, students will be set:

    • One piece of “Maths Alpha” homework
    • One piece of “Maths Beta” homework
    • One piece of Physics and/or Computer Science homework

    Year 13 Homework Timetable

    Each fortnight, students will be set:

    • Two pieces of “Maths S” homework
    • Two pieces of Physics and/or Computer Science homework
    • Two pieces of additional maths homework, one from any two of the following: Mechanics, Statistics and either Extra Pure or Numerical Methods (subjects are rotated throughout the year)

    Overall Homework Timetable 2020/21

    The homework timetable will be posted here as soon as it is confirmed.

    Absence Request Form

    If students require an authorised absence from school, they must complete and electronic absence request form which they are able to access via Microsoft Teams.  Submitting the form does not automatically result in authorisation; once submitted, students will need to wait to hear the outcome of their request.  Each request is considered on its own merits and in light of the student’s attendance and progress.

    Authorisation is typically given for:

    • Educational visits such as attending University open days
    • Medical appointments that are not able to be moved such as hospital procedures

    Authorisation is not typically given for:

    • Family holidays
    • Routine medical appointments
    • Interviews for weekend or holiday work

    COVID-19 Information and Guidance

    This document outlines our guidance for students and staff when the school is open during the COVID-19 pandemic: COVID 19 Guidance Document V9

    It is regularly updated in light of new information and the latest version is shared with students and staff through Teams and parents via email.


    Working remotely

    If your son or daughter needs to isolate whilst the school is open, they will be able to join their peers in school via Microsoft Teams.  Teachers will do all they can to include them in the lesson even if they are not in the room.  If they are too ill to join, they will be able to watch the recording of the lesson once they feel better.

    During a period of lockdown the school may be required to switch to remote learning for most students.  During such a time we will communicate with parents more frequently than usual, to ensure you have the information necessary to support your son or daughter.

    The diagram below shows our timetable for learning during lockdown.  Key features are:

    • the length of online lessons are reduced, in most cases to 45 minutes to enable focused concentration with regular breaks away from the computer
    • some lessons (with a bold border) have been moved to enable lessons to be paced evenly throughout the week
    • all the normal lessons, including enrichment and support, will continue
    • a lunchbreak of 1 hour will allow for an important rest each day
    • an earlier finish time than normal will provide plenty of time for independent work and to switch off before the end of the day

    Lessons will be taught “live” by the same teachers as normal, using Microsoft Teams as the platform.  Students will be expected to complete an additional 1 hour per week of independent work per A-level.  This will provide them with valuable time developing fluency and problem solving which may otherwise be lost due to shorter lessons.  Students will cover the same curriculum online as they would have in school and we expect to work through the curriculum at the same pace as normal.

    Teachers will be using a variety of ways to access learning and offer feedback, including, but not limited to: asking questions in lessons, asking students to write using online mini-whiteboards, quizzes, homework and the associated feedback lessons, assessments, sharing written work via Teams chat and just good old fashioned conversations.  To enable your son or daughter to fully engage they will need:

    • good internet access
    • a graphics tablet or similar
    • a microphone (although not essential)
    • a means of uploading work (photo on phone or Microsoft lens, or direct to OneNote)

    We do not expect you to monitor your son/daughter’s work but if you have any concerns about their engagement in learning or wellbeing, please email their form tutor.  Likewise, if we have concerns which we are unable to address with a student, we will contact you.  Working together we aim to nip problems in the bud before they become substantial and support students to adjust to a new way of working.

    If students are unable to access online learning at home we will either provide equipment and support to overcome their barriers or will invite them into school to join the online lessons.  Very few students are expected to work in school during a lockdown and greater social distancing will take place than is normally possible when the school is full open.

    If your son or daughter has a particular learning need or disability we will adapt our provision to meet their needs.  If needs emerge as a result of remote learning, please contact their form tutor and we will review our provision accordingly.

    It’s likely to be a strange time.  Some students will thrive in lockdown whilst others are likely to struggle.  More will experience ups and downs.  Working together we will support them to cope and hopefully excel, coming out of lockdown having learnt new lessons about themselves, how well they can adapt and what it feels like to overcome.

    Information Pack

    A copy of the information pack for new students (2020 entry) and their parents can be downloaded here:


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