2017 A-Levels

Headline Figures

The data summarised below is that used by the government when comparing schools in league tables.  Comparative data for these results will be published in Janurary 2018.

Pass Rate: 100%

Retention: 100%

Average Grade: A- (45.8)

Average of Best 3 Grades: A- (45.9)

Proportion of High Grades (A*, A or B): 81%

Proportion of A* or A grades: 59%

Progress Score: 0.54

Based on data from the previous year, we expect that the average grade the progress score places EMS in the top 1% of providers, both public and state sector.  Further details, including some of our students’ stories can be read here.


For us, this is the most important measure; are our students achieving better than would be expected based on their prior performance?

We can say a resounding “Yes”.  All groups of students achieved positive Value Added Scores, on average achieving over half a grade higher per subject than expected based on achievement in GCSEs and a whole grade higher in Mathematics.

AS Levels

Not to be outdone, our year 12 students have exceeded expectations with some fantastic results, achieving high progress scores in all three of our core subjects: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.


Headline Figures

100% of students have secured places at University or have work with training.

98% of students have firmly accepted places at University, including degree apprenticeships.

11% of students have secured Oxbridge places.

Further details will be published here shortly.